Michael Hodgson, Partner

Michael Hodgson

What is your role at Macgregor? I founded Macgregor in 2017 and am the main contact with house-builders and developers to ensure Macgregor have exceptional properties to sell. 
How long have you worked in Property? I started in property in 2014 as a lettings negotiator at Strutt & Parker and was promoted to Associate Director within 4 years. I specialised in the Edinburgh city market and know the market inside out. I have bought and sold everything from £200,000 1 bed apartments to £3m+ detached houses. 
Why did you start Macgregor? I became aware that there was a strong demand for a new build focused estate agent, specialising in selling off plan properties to both investors and owner occupiers, based locally and overseas. Through my strong relationships with Scottish house-builders we are able to offer excellent properties (often off-market) to property purchasers.
Why do you love Edinburgh? Edinburgh is such a beautiful city with amazing culture, especially during August when the biggest arts festival in the world takes over the city. I love the buzz that all the street performers and the influx of tourists bring – its the best time of year to be in Edinburgh. Of course, we also have excellent schools, universities, restaurants, quality of life, architecture, history… I could go on for ever – I love Edinburgh. 
Favourite neighbourhood in Edinburgh? The West End has undergone a huge transformation over the past 10 years from primarily office to now having some of the finest residential houses and apartments in the city. William Street has a fantastic atmosphere with some of the best cafes, pubs, bars, delis and independent shops on this beautiful cobbled street a stones throw from bustling Princes Street – its like a little village in the heart of the city. Im also a bit biased as my office is here and I live here!
Favourite restaurant in Edinburgh? Dishoom, St Andrews Square – I love the atmosphere in there. It has a fantastic cocktail bar downstairs, delicious food upstairs and superb service – its such a great experience. 
Tell us a little bit about your family. I am from Edinburgh and still live here. I am married and live with my wife and two Norfolk Terriers, Tattie and Scapa, in the West End of Edinburgh.  

Favourite travel spot? France – it has everything from buzzing city life in Paris, to relaxed beaches on the Mediterranean or Atlantic coasts, as well as skiing in the Alps in the winter – and the food is pretty good too!
If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? I’d go for a curry – there are so many too choose from! 
What book did you read last? Everybody Lies by Seth Stevens-Davidowitz. I recommend everyone reads this book. His research into how big data is changing our world will have huge implications across all industries, especially real estate. 

Rory Gammell MRICS, Partner

Rory Gammell

What is your role at Macgregor? Rory joined Macgregor in 2020 Upon returning to Scotland after 8 years working for JLL in Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. Rory is Macgregor’s main point of contact for international investors.
How long have you worked in Property? Seeking a dynamic kick start, I decided to begin my property career in Hong Kong in 2010, where I trained with JLL’s tenant rep team. In 2012 I qualified as a Member of the RICS, by which point I was working on some of the largest office leasing deals in Hong Kong, representing JP Morgan on their 500,000 sq ft portfolio relocation. After 4.5 years in Hong Kong, an opportunity presented itself to work in Silicon Valley with high growth tech companies – naturally I leapt at it. Over 8 years, I worked my way up from Graduate Trainee in JLL’s Hong Kong office to Senior Vice President of JLL’s International Desk based in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.
Why did you join Macgregor? I’ve always been impressed with Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit within Edinburgh’s property world. When he explained his vision for Macgregor soon after I landed back in Edinburgh, I knew I could help him with some international investment connections, and the journey spawned from there.
Why do you love Edinburgh? I think to really appreciate Edinburgh, you need to leave it from time to time. Every time I come back from a far away place, I’m always blown away by the city’s architectural beauty. There’s really no other city quite like it. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival creates a huge buzz one the month of August – combined with the long summer days, it’s my favourite time to be here.
Favourite neighbourhood in Edinburgh? I’ve always loved the simple but beautiful design of The New Town – it’s a gem of city planning, with so many lovely buildings in one area that all match each other, and that make excellent, spacious homes. 200 year old buildings that are still a wonderful place to live – to me, that’s the real essence of sustainability.

Favourite restaurant in Edinburgh? Bon Vivant, Thistle Street. While it’s really known as a bar, the food is fantastically executed and often fuses a variety of cuisines together. It’s a lovely place to be and the staff are great.
Tell us a little bit about your family. I grew up in rural East Lothian near Haddington, where my parents still live. My sister is married with two kids down in East Sussex. We’re all very close, so it’s been lovely for me to see more of my family now that I’m back in the UK. 

Favourite travel spot? The draw to living in California came from driving the Pacific Coast Highway, and I love going back. But when the weather’s right, the West Coast of Scotland is unbeatable.
If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Bangers and mash. The sausages need to be the best, and the mash creamy with mustard and onion.
What book did you read last? Purple Cow by Seth Godin. For anyone looking to build any kind of product or brand, this book by the Godfather of Marketing is an absolute must!
Tell me something unusual about you. I’m preparing to launch a Scotch whisky brand called Wee Smoky. It’s at the playful end of whisky, made for creating smoky cocktails. It’s a blue bottle with a flash of pink – look out for it in Edinburgh!

What gets you most excited?– Cars are a real passion for me. In California, I used to race an old Mazda MX-5 in a 24 hour endurance race with 3 great friends. I love to fix anything old that needs some love, buildings and cars especially. Running events that make others smile is also a big passion, I used to run a charity adventure race in Hong Kong called Dragon Dash, and a Beach Ceilidh.

Mike Buxton, Letting Manager

Mike Buxton

What is your role at Macgregor?
I am the Lettings Manager in charge of the large, quality rental portfolio. I source properties for tenants and tenants for properties. I ensure that all of the regulations, safety certificates, maintenance issues and tenant concerns are up to date and dealt with. I am the point of contact for tenants and I make sure that they are happy and satisfied in their rental property. 
How long have you worked in property?
Over 30 years! I was previously a Claims Supervisor and Training Officer for a large Blue Chip Insurer (Prudential) and in charge of large value buildings claims and staff training. I always had my own Buy To Let portfolio and gradually built up a loyal client base by providing a bespoke personal service.
Any favourite line from a movie?
“We’re gonna need a bigger boat”. I loved watching Jaws as a child and I was a bit mesmerised! I loved the timing of this quote, the irony and the fact that Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss wondered what all the fuss was about as the shark had gone by the time they heard it! Hardly an original choice as this line is well quoted, but this movie is still classic and iconic with a lot of great lines. 
Are you messy or organised?
I like to think that I am massively well organised and have been accused of being a bit OCD. I like minimalism and I like to know where everything is and where I can find things! I think if I am well organised everything else will fall into place. I like to always be on time and reliable. At least that is the theory. Maybe I should have joined the Army. 
Best holiday you’ve been on?
I LOVED Australia. There are so many beautiful locations to explore, outdoor activities galore and wildlife to beware of. I had one or two scrapes with Oz wildlife including a snake on my leg whilst searching for a ball when playing golf. I did not know at the exact moment that it was a “friendly” and non venomous grass snake. 
If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?  
I like to think that I can cook a little and so put me in charge of a Gordon Ramsay Michelin restaurant for a day with him as the Sous. I would like to see if it is all hype. One day would probably be enough as he would no doubt tell me to F*** O** 

Do you have a favourite quote?I am not a great one for Management Cliches but “Look after your customers or someone else will” has always stuck with me. Research shows that 90% of customers who have had a bad experience will go elsewhere. That is a statistic to make you make you take notice and pay attention! 

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